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WINK To Project Creative Arts in GH



WINK Ghana
The Largest Network of Talents is here. Wink Ghana is what the creative arts industry in Ghana has been missing. We are a highly technological network of talents across the country.
As a model in this country, getting shoots is a problem. Everyone wants to take advantage of you. Aren’t you tired of the free shoots and peanuts? This is the opportunity to boost your brand. The opportunity to spend less and reap more in your career.

What do you Get?
Extensive publicity
Ambassadorial Opportunities
Easy access to the best make up artists, fashion designers and photographers. They are all part of Wink.
Personal objectives among others.

What’s the aim?
Wink Ghana is a pseudo-nation. A nation of the best talents in the creative arts. In this nation,support for citizens are equal. Everyone contributes equally to the maintenance and growth. Every member of Wink Ghana is assisted significantly. We are sustained by the contribution of our own resources and make income via exporting our crafts to the external world. As a model in Wink Ghana getting a deal with a photographer or fashion designer becomes a basic right. That stress becomes non-existent. In addition, Wink Ghana has well elaborated strategies to export your talent to major companies for stellar deals.
Greatness is assured with Wink

Contact Wink for more details;
On Facebook, Wink Ghana
On Instagram and Twitter @ gh_wink
Call/whatsapp on 0209062862.

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