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Prince of Gambia, HRH Prince Ebrahim, hosts Stonebwoy


The Prince of Gambia, HRH Prince Ebrahim, is hosting Stonebwoy for the rest of his stay in Gambia.

The BhimNation President, Stonebwoy, who flew to Gambia for the AUC-AFRIMA Conference (representing his home country, Ghana, there) days ago is having a jolly time with the Prince and even posting some video snippets.

Stonebwoy’s Road Manager, Sidi Mohammed (Blakk Cedi), who spoke with BeenieWords via phone says, “the Prince has been following Stonebwoy and the Burniton Music Group’s works for the past 2 years. So when we got here, it was a welcome news to him so he invited us over. He even watched us LIVE online from Gambia when we were at the VGMAs (2016). He is a very big fan Stonebwoy. He is the one hosting us at his place for the rest of the days till we return to Ghana. He is a very affable gentleman and we feel the hospitality a lot. This place feels just like home and we are very cool and safe”, he ended.

HRH Prince Ebrahim is one of Africa’s leading and successful diversified Africa Focus Investors holding an aggregated Portfolio investment in excess of USD$8 Billion. He is a “Sanyang Koring” Royal Bloodline dating back to Kaabu and Mali Empire. He is also the Chairman of Royal Africa Holdings (Africa Focused Diversified Investment Holding Company), Palm Grove City Ghana (USD$1.7 Billion City Development in Ghana), Invest Gambia and 14 other Companies Worldwide; he is also the chairman of 2 Charitable Foundations. HRH Prince Ebrahim is a Investment Banker and a Analyst on Cross-border Government and Private Sector Financing, Risk and Settlement. As a Strategic Development Economist, Prince Ebrahim has specialization in Major International Development Projects (Structured Financing); Public Sector Enterprise Reforms (Divestiture, Divestment and Privatization) and a Strategic Political Economic Development Consultant.

Below are some images of Stonebwoy with HRH Prince Ebrahim, his Manager (Blakk Cedi) and his Producer (Beatz Dakay).

(Story: Elorm Beenie)

 Source: Beeniewords.com
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