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“Friends Become Enemies When You’re Successful”- Sarkodie


Self acclaimed African Rap king, Sarkodie,released a new tune,”Sarkoholics”, a ‘shout-out’ song for his loyal fan base. But just like other songs from Obidi, the supposed fan base song still talked about how everyone hates him despite his hardwork and achievement in the Ghanaian music Industry.

Truth! People do hate him now. But the question is, “What stirred that hatred?” The bragging? Attention Seeking?Paranoia?

Yes, as an artiste or celebrity , having fears and being paranoid – especially as someone at the top of his game is inevitable- J. Cole’s ‘Jermaine Interlude‘ song is a perfect example of that.

But I feel, Sark’s status in GH music is obvious- We all know he is a “Top dogg”, no need throwing tantrums in every song, you rather grow more enemies.
“…)mu se mejwa menum dodo, check the numbers….
…Brand still relevant, still selling out concerts…”
I feel lines like this are what gets people to hate Obidi. True, Numbers don’t lie, we get that-Let your numbers speak for you then!
Sarkoholics, the Kaz-produced freestyle song turned out to be another bragging spree though he mentioned the names of some fans.
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