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Criss Waddle – I’m not ready to make peace with Shatta Wale now


The feud between Criss Waddle and Shatta Wale over the #Biegya terminology just deepened on Hitz 103.9fm when the former was interviewed by Dr. Pounds on the #HitzGallery.

Criss Waddle in a somewhat furious voice wheezed “he grow pass me seff and him self for call me and settle scores. But I am not happy about the whole thing and how it was handled. When the issue started I gave myself 3 days before I even responded; I showed too much respect before doing that video.”

He further went on to express dissatisfaction at Reggie Rockstone’s outfit for the VGMAs (2016) night.  “What was Reggie Rockstone trying to prove wearing that Adldas at the VGMAs? You think a grandpapa will be in a house and his children or grandchildren will be misbehaving and he won’t speak? I was very disappointed in him for that.”

Criss Waddle however concluded that, “ if later two gentlemen come to understand each other and solve issues, that be it. But for now I am not ready. Shatta Wale is older than me, I like his music and I always play them and do snaps so I don’t want people to think I hate him. No, I don’t hate him. Bull Dog says I should call him tomorrow morning so I will call him”.

(Story: Elorm Beenie)

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